Unfettered Mind

The unfettered mind is the terrified mind
It will leave all hope of happiness behind
When you think you have to know so you look over the wall
There'll be no one to catch you when you fall

So you must never question
Or hint at the suggestion
That things are not all that they seem here

The uncluttered mind is a dangerous mind
You can kiss all certainty and sanity goodbye
For your untrammeled thought will take you to that tremulous place
Where you feel like you're falling through space

But you must never question
Or even hint at the suggestion
That things aren't at all what they seem here
Ant the world is not all that we see here
And love is not all that we need here
Yes, most of all you must never question love

Because the unclouded mind reveals a sun that's too bright
And the Milgram pilgrims shut their eyes, shut their eyes
And stick their fingers in their ears when their Prometheus screams
Do you know what's out there? Have you seen?

Copyright Kate Arnold 2012


Well I believed what I was told
To save me the trouble of thinking
I dipped my toe in the sea of knowledge
And felt like I was sinking
So we made our home upon the sand
And I dressed up in beautiful shells
And I cooked you your fish and your lobsters
And left the boat building to somebody else

But if you say you can't argue with nature
Then nature might argue with you
You can't live on the shoreline all your life
Without learning a thing or two
But will you be the one who rocks the boat
And rings the bells
And then when the whole thing capsizes
Will you blame it on somebody else?

And now you say you must set sail
A far shore for to reach
It's more important to go forth and conquer
Than to clear up the mess you've left on the beach
But when the ship goes down
You know it's every man for himself
Every man for himself
And every woman for somebody else

Copyright Kate Arnold 2011

Ruler of Destiny, Thou Hast Spoken Words!

I ask you two questions
You answer me one
I'll ask you one question
You'll answer me none

Ssarwala missdood jakzang

So says an Iron Old Man
To the Thief of the Heart
The end of each chapter
Goes back to the start

So I'll dance all alone
Like I've done all along
It's only while the sun is burning
It's only while the wheel is turning

Ssarwala missdood jakzang

Copyright Kate Arnold 2013

Heart of Sand

Once you could see the fires burn
As blackened stones can testify
I knew that I would not return
Misshapen, false, infantilised
Win or lose
Win or die
See it shine
A pitiless sun on a pitiless land
I survived
Where all gods die
But now I find
I've buried my heart in a heart of sand
Now all the stones they will stay dead
Whether the stars are green or red

Copyright Kate Arnold 2016

The Horizon is Too Close

The horizon is too close
And another siren sounds
An asylum for their hopes
The soldiers in this banal battleground
Fighting, fighting
Tomorrow they'll do it all again

Now in an afterglow
You whisper siren sounds
The horizon is too close
I feel my tears come falling down
Falling, falling
In anticipation of the pain

You're laughing but not today
You're leaving but not today
You're changing but not today
The world will always be that way

Copyright Kate Arnold 2015

Fairy Tale Ending

Isn't it dangerous out in the woods?
That's how the story goes
Something is waiting out there in the dark
Monsters and shadows
All alone on my path through the trees
It's nice that you've come to my rescue
But I wonder if you can ever believe
That's not what I want from you

I want you to speak with your own voice
You don't have to sound like all the rest
Don't you know you can make a choice
So don't fear the forest

The lights and the noise of the city's distractions
They'll never be enough
The shadows are just our reflections
And the monsters are amongst us
Something is waiting out there in the dark
But it's not what you're thinking
It's true that most things are beyond your control
But that is the beautiful thing

So why don't you sing with your own voice
This is the least that you can do
Don't you know you get just one chance

Copyright Kate Arnold 2014

Getting British Business Online
Ordinary Man

Something's gonna happen
Something bad
And you can't stop it
You're just an ordinary man

It's on the TV
Terrible things
That people do with
No thought, no reasoning
It's hard to believe
That could happen here
When after all we've
Been safe for so many years

They keep you pacified
With their myths of love
And all the other things
Things you can never really have
It's on the TV
The latest panacea
Keeps you distracted
When you should be mad with fear

I think that you're the only one
Who knows what's really going on
Just look at all those fools
Always playing by the rules
Constructing their reality
Defining their normality
Ignoring the hostility
Excusing the stupidity

Well you can show them
I've got the perfect way
They need to know that
Death is never far away

It's not really me
It's the gun in my hand
It's the voice in my head
It's the line in the sand
No it's not really me
This is not what I planned
How could it be?
I'm just an ordinary man

And all the neighbours
Don't understand
How could this happen?
He was such an ordinary man

Copyright Kate Arnold 2012

Family (la Folia)

Elizabeth has fallen down the stairs
They must have caught her unawares
The carpet weavers' houses have no banisters
So she lands in a peculiar position
Someone calls for the physician
But too late
And she is buried in the family tradition
The year is 1897

With the dawn on Monday morning
Nine years later, in a most determined manner
Alfred in his nightshirt quits this sorry earth
It is for want of work and want of wife
He's taken up a kitchen knife
To bleed his throat dry
And they find him lying face down on the hearth
But at least he didn't linger
Like his brother when he fell from off the cart
In the disaster that occurred
On the way to Foggy Furze

An incident unfortunate with poison
Happens to poor Alfred's cousin
Whose wife's position means she must allay suspicion
He was the victim of a dark turn of events
With an unhappy consequence
Involving strychnine
But there's not a single shred of evidence
Despite her dubious defence

After I had gone they used to say
That I was always rather strange
And they were never sure
They said I disappeared before the war
And my own family thought I'd died
But I just led a different life
If you look close enough
You can see me in the photograph

Copyright Kate Arnold 2011

Family II (Captain Swing)

In the beginning it was the sign of civilisation
The greatest thing since the invention of the wheel
But it's their purpose to procure their profits' prediction
It is the desert of the real
That day it started at the sign of the Leathern Bottle
The papermakers gathered hundreds on the heath
Against the wheels, against the engines and the metal
Against the progress that they preach

You can choose your battles but you cannot choose your weapon
You may have the sledgehammers but they have got the guns
And all your anger is just giving them a reason
But you've got to fight although you know
They've already won
Another shot and I thought I saw someone falling
But it was just an old man who was getting in the way
The reverend's read the Riot Act but no-one's listening
He's on the side of the machine anyway

At Mr Spicer's Glory Mill it's the final showdown
All the king's horses and the Grenadier Guards
'We will have no more stories, we will have them all down'
Until the killing starts
Last time I saw you it was at Portsmouth Harbour
When the prison ship was taking you away
They say Van Diemen's Land is hard, but it will be harder
For those who fight another day

Depend on the machine
Defending the machine
We're caught in the machine

Copyright Kate Arnold 2016

Threes and Sevens

Ja mais n'aies tu medecine
Ne par herbe ne par racine

Marie de France