December 2017
We are winding this website down as we are building a shiny new one! We'll make sure any crucial information still gets posted here in the meantime, and we'll let you know when the new site is up and running, sometime in 2018. Remember you can also stay up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

We're extremely sorry to announce that the NO LAND show in London on 6th May, in which we were to be participating, has now been cancelled. This is for reasons beyond our control and we apologise to those who have bought tickets. Refunds can be obtained from the point of purchase. It's disappointing as we were really looking forward to this show! Hopefully it will be happening at a later date, but meanwhile we do have other gigs coming up; please see the Gigs page for details.

And behold! The album is now available from Bandcamp, as a CD and/or a download. Any CD orders will be shipped out within three Earth days. You can even have a little listen beforehand, to check you're going to like it! We hope you enjoy it!
There'll also be news soon of some exciting gigs coming up in 2017...

THE ALBUM IS HERE! and is being launched upon an unsuspecting world. It will be available to download from Bandcamp and other outlets soon, and CDs will be available from CD Baby, good independent record shops, or directly from us. We're working on getting a one-click buying option set up on here but in the meantime, if you're desperate for a copy, get in touch via the Contact page.

Well, the album, Fairy Tale Ending, is at the pressing plant as we speak, and it's just two weeks to go until the launch! See the Gigs page for details... Meanwhile, the Explorations in Music compilation, which features us as well as other marvellous music from the likes of Tolerance Manoeuvre and Serac, is now available to download here. Much recommended!

BIG NEWS! The album is nearing completion... AND we have a launch date! See the Gigs page for details. Remember you can also follow us on Faceache and Twitter-Twatter for the latest updates.

We haven't gone away! We are quietly working away on the album for your future delight and delectation. It's due out in the autumn and there will be an interesting launch gig and other things... Patience, patience!

Meanwhile, we will be having a track featured on the upcoming Explorations in Music download compilation. We'll keep you posted on that too!

Happy Yuletide everybody! (Yes, it goes on for another six days) We're ending 2015 with some great news about an upcoming gig at London's Green Note in March 2016. See the Gigs page for details!

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at the Hideaway last week. There's a short video clip here if you missed it (and also if you didn't)! We'll be taking a little break now while we work on the album. It's sounding great so far so bear with us; we can hardly wait to share it with you.

Now for the VERY EXCITING NEWS! From next week, we will be starting on recording our debut album. And about time too, some say. Jon Clayton at One Cat Studio will be at the controls. Intended release date is next spring; expect further updates over the next few months! 

We have some big news coming soon... stay tuned! Meanwhile, Kate and Jon have been in the studio recording a special track for the Dark Outside project, which is happening on 26th and 27th September. If you want to hear it, you'll have to go and find it! It will be dark. It will be outside. And it will be amazing.

The new track 'Ordinary Man' is now available to download here! 
Thanks and appreciation to Chris T-T who has already played it on his Midnight Campfire wireless programme thingy and said very nice things about it. We are rather pleased with it ourselves.

May 2015:
It's been a while since the last news post; sorry about that! We've been a bit busy. The most exciting news is that we have a new song, 'Ordinary Man', recorded, and this will be available for the first time at our gig on 14th May. We have worked extra-specially hard on this one, Jon at One Cat Studio has done an amazing job and we are really pleased with it. So don't miss your chance for an advance copy! See the Gigs page for more details.

October 2014:
Thanks to Club Integral for a great night! If you missed it, we'll have some more gigs coming up soon. Keep an eye on the Gigs page for more info, or follow us on Twitter @fearoftheforest.
There's a lovely review of the gig we did at Surya here, and photos and video of both gigs are on their way...
Thanks also to the crew at Resonance FM for having us in to do a live session this month; great fun. 
And if  anyone missed that, you can still listen to it here!

August 2014:
New song, Fairy Tale Ending, now available to download here! This one's just Kate and the dulcimer...

May 2014:
Fear of the Forest is now on Twitter! Follow us @fearoftheforest for all the latest news and strange tales, but don't worry if you're not a Twitterer (?); we'll still keep you up to date here!

April 2014:
Well, the new song Ruler of Destiny, Thou Hast Spoken Words! is finally available for listening and downloading here! 

The title is taken from an old Indian/Persian fairy tale in which a man goes on a quest to capture a demon and tie it up in a sack. Once the demon is in the sack he can't talk to it or the demon will escape and he'll have to start all over again. So the demon tells him amazing stories to try to make him say something...

Hope you like it! If you would like the track on CD don't hesitate to ask.

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