Fear of the Forest is a unique project combining folk, classical, medieval and Middle Eastern influences with intriguing lyrical content. Fronted by Kate Arnold on vocals, hammered dulcimer and violin, the band’s sound has been described as ‘punk baroque’ and combines a strong percussive element (featuring large Iranian dafs/frame drums) with unusual time signatures and modal features. Kate has recently worked with Lisa Knapp (winner of a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award in 2014), Doudou Cissoko's Ancient Strings and Fabulous Things, and Greek ensemble Daemonia Nymphe, and was previously a member of antifolk bands Sergeant Buzfuz and Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences.

Other Foresters are:

Jon Clayton (Something Beginning With L, Chris T-T and the Hoodrats, Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra) - cello, bass, engineering

Nick Bieber - daf/percussion

Chris Silvey - percussion

The Mysterious Mark Stefanicki on hurdy gurdy

'In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself in a dark wood where the straight way was lost'

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